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Complete 4 Tattoo Guns w/ 40 Ink Power Supply Set (D120)

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- Package includes:
- 4 x Top professional tattoo machine for lining and shading (10 warp coils)
- 1 x Top quality professional power supply system (Input voltage: AC 110v~240v 50Hz-60Hz,Output voltage: DC 0-15v)
- 1 x Power cord (US plug)
- 40 x Bottle of tattoo inks:
1/Baby Blue 2/Mustard 3/Bahama Blue 4/Peach 5/Bamboo 6/Platinum 7/Banana Cream 8/Platinum 9/Blue Sky 10/Silver 11/Bright Orange 12/Tangerine 13/Bright Red 14/Teal 15/Carols Pink 16/True Black 17/Cherry Bomb 18/Medium Brown
19/CoCo 20/Golden Yellow 21/Snow White 22/Grape 23/Dark Brown 24/Grasshopper 25/Dark Chocolate 26/Snow White
27/Dark Red 28/Hunter Green 29/Dragon Green 30/Koolaid 31/Fuschia 32/Lavender 33/Light Purple 34/Lemon Yellow
35/Lime Green 36/Light Green 37/Lollipop 38/Light Magenta 39/Mairos Blue 40/Mairos Light
- 1 x Ink Cup Holder & 100 pcs of ink cups
- 50 x High quality pre made sterile tattoo needles (the sizes from round liner 3, 5, 7, 9; round shader 5, 7, 9; magnum 5, 7, 9; 5 for each size)
- 20 x Disposable tips (nozzles)
- 8 x Different size steel tips (nozzles)
- 4 x High quality Tattoo Machine Grips
- 5 x Matching Disposable Tubes (1/2" Grips)
- 1 x Great quality black colored carrying case with lock & keys
- 1 x Tattoo Practice Skin & 1 pcs paper
- 1 x Set of adjust tools and other attachments
- 5 x Brush for cleanliness
- 1 x Pack of A & D Ointment. Each pack is a 5 gram foil pack
- 1 x Pair of disposable gloves
- 1 x DVD

Dimensions: 13.98 in x 11.42 in x 5.91 in (35.5 cm x 29.0 cm x 15.0 cm)
Weight: 141.09 oz (4000 g)

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