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High Simulation Sony PS3 Bluetooth Wireless Game Controller Gamepad From 10-Sets Sale The light blue

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Brand Info
High Simulation Sony PS3 Bluetooth Wireless Game Controller Gamepad From 10-Sets Sale

1, PS3 gamepad connects the mainframe through WIFI wireless connection. First time you can use USB cable to connect gamepad with PS3 mainframe, and then click PS button in the middle of gamepad to match code. After that gamepad can be used as wireless gamepad.
2, PS3 has built-in rechargeable battery. The gamepad will flash when it is out of battery. Use USB cable to connect gamepad with PS3 mainframe or computer mainframe and then the gamepad will be automatically charged. The indicator light will flash when it is charging, the indicator light will turn off when it is fully charged.
3, The charging time of gamepad is 2 hours and the using time of gamepad is 20 hours. Gamepad can still be used during charging.
4, The PS buttom of PS3 gamepad can be used as the function buttom. Click the PS buttom during game, the game interface will be poped up and choose to quite game. Long-time press the PS buttom to remotely turn ON/OFF PS3 mainframe.
5. When Blu-ray Disc is playing you can click the Triangle key on gamepad to pop-up setting meny to choose movie soundtracks, subtitles etc.
6, PS3 gamepad can be also used as normal gamepad on computer mainframe by using USB cable to connect them together. All you need is to install a driver on computer. You can also use the wireless connection by having a dedicated bluetooth receiver and driver.

Length 15.5cm
Width 9cm
Height 6cm
Net weight 220g

Minimum order quantity 10
Warranty 365 days

Packing List
1x Gamepad

Dimensions: 6.10 in x 3.54 in x 2.36 in (15.5 cm x 9.0 cm x 6.0 cm)
Weight: 7.76 oz (220 g)

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