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Kinghong K6 Electronic Cigarette Kit Dual Using of Smoke oil and Cut tobacco Black

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Brand Info
Kinghong electronic cigarette kits, Big vapor

1. Battery capacity is 4400mAh, high quality lithium battery, higher efficiency,longer battery life
2. American company V2 authorized products, multifunctional high-tech products,internal smart chip can automatically adjust temperature and voltage to reachconsumers required
3. High-rate batteries. It has longer using time than others, battery capacityis 2800mAh
4. Magnetic charging. It reaches high charge conversion rate, so that thecharging time is reduced to achieve rapid charging
5. Adjustable power technology. Consumers can maually adust voltage and powerbased on their needs
6. Pree and hold Active button to start puffing. Remember to fully chargebattery before you use it. When white LED and red LED blink together, Series 7needs to be chagred
7. Series 7 has lock function to aviod accidentally turn on. Click Active button3 times in 2 seconds, Series 7 will turn on
8. Series 7 has three atomizers to atomize three different components- smokeoil, cut tobacco and tobacco paste (optional).
9. Series 7 contains three differnt levels of voltages for three atomizers, 3.2V4.2V and 4.7V. Higher voltage can produce more amount of smoking
10. Series 7 can adjust temperature, LED light blick red, yellow and green atlast. When the green light blicks Series 7 is ready to right temperature fortobacco and can start to smoke
11. Series 7 has three different temperature levels 220C/390F (low) 210C/415F(middle) 225C/440F (high)
12. Low-voltage protection. When the voltage is lower than the supportedvoltage, OLED screen will automatically "lock"
13. Short circuit protection. When the atomizer occurs short circuit, thesoftware will immediately suspend circuit
14. Overcharge protection. It adopts new circuit structure design in order toprevent power supply damage caused by overcharging hardware
15. The e-cigarette is charged by USB cable to connect with battery bottom andcomputers

Length 12.7cm
Width 3.5cm
Height 1.6cm
Net weight 149g

Minimum order quantity 1
Warranty 365 days

Packing List
1x Battery stick
1x Atomizer
1x USB charger
1x Box
1x Certificate/Warranty card/Manual

Dimensions: 5.00 in x 1.38 in x 0.63 in (12.7 cm x 3.5 cm x 1.6 cm)
Weight: 5.26 oz (149 g)

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