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Sigelei 75W Temperature Control Adjustable Power Box black

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Brand Info
Sigelei 75W Temperature Control Adjustable Power Box

Type brand SIGELEI
Color options Black/Silver
Product type Temperature control 75W
Material Aviation aluminum
Product size 90.4x 40.4x 24.8 mm
Battery type 18650 batteries
Atomizer type Segelei
Battery voltage 3.2V-4.2V
Output voltage 0.5V-8.5V
Adjustable power 5.0W-75W
Load resistance 0.05&Omega
Charging time 3-5 hours
Power range 5W-75W
1, Zinc alloy electroplating stainless steel, durable to use, high-stength engineering materials, ergonomic design
2, Nickel 200 atomizer wires (anti- high temperature), e-cigarette can automatically enter temperature control mod
3, Stainless steel button, 3.0mm convex, plating process, thumb pressing, smooth to use
4, Atomizer core identify mode, when 75W box connect with non-Nickel 200 atomizing core, box will be in normal mod, when 75W box connect with Nickel 200 atomizing core, the box will be in temperature control mod. In the temperature control mod, the temperature of atomizing core wont exceed the set temperature
5, Intelligent adjustment, automatic switch power. When the battery cant support the curent power (over 30W), system will automatically match 50W/30W to continue working. When it cant support 30W, system will display CHECK BATTERY
6, The product support USB charging fucntion. Do not use the product during charging.
7, Wide range of working temperature, ultra-low quiescent current, over-charge, over-discharge, over-temperature, short circuit protection functions, Max output power 75W, Support NI200 temperature control, LED display screen to show power, voltage, current, resistance, temperature
8, Keep pressing button 5 times in 5 seconds to turn On/Off products
9, Start to adjust power by both pressing &ldquo
and &ldquo
, and when it is in power mod then press &ldquo
or &ldquo
to adjust power
10, Start to adjust temperature by both pressing &ldquo
and &ldquo
, when it is in temperature mod then press &ldquo
or &ldquo
to adjust temperature
11, Both click button and &ldquo
to lock system to not work, and both click button and &ldquo
to unlock system

Length 9.04cm
Width 4.04cm
Height 2.48cm
Net weight 189g
Minimum order quantity 1
Warranty 365 days

In temperature mod, 600℉/ 300℃ is working temperature, 74.5W is power. Standby power displays 0.00W
Recommended atomizer is NI2000.1&Omega
, Normal atomizer is 0.2&Omega
-2.5 &Omega

Packing List
1x 75W box
1x Manual
1x Package box
1x Security card

Dimensions: 3.56 in x 1.59 in x 0.98 in (9.0 cm x 4.0 cm x 2.5 cm)
Weight: 6.67 oz (189 g)

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